Sunday, May 17, 2015

Why is Tumblr so accessible for Bois?

If you are into looking like a fashion forward boi, there are fewer places better to find model clothing styles and people to emulate than Tumblr.

The question that presents itself is why Tumblr, as opposed to other websites or places online?

There are probably a number of answers, and all of them have their own contributing factors, but I will try to explore a few of them below.

Tumblr is a very flexible website, where people can present themselves and their content freely and select exactly what kind of content that they want  to consume. If you are a member of the LGBTQ community and identify yourself as genderqueer, there can be a lot of hostility and misunderstanding on more conventional forms of media, and Tumblr permits you to seek out only the positive and reinforcing content that you want to consume.

For example, you are unlikely to find examples of images like this on another site.

Are you on tumblr? Do you look to tumblr for fashion advice? Do you hate tumblr? Feel free to discuss in the comments below.