Saturday, April 25, 2015

Springtime for Bois

The weather is changing and it's getting warmer outside, so what is a boil to do?

 This is a great opportunity to really show your style and express yourself. You can go all out with a summer buzzcut, mohawk style or fauxhawk style haircut, or even go for a mainstream Pixie cut.

Now that you are done with winter coats we can think about sweaters, jackets and slacks.

As far as sweaters go there aren't many better than the Patagonia goodies and jumpers that come with a lifetime warranty and never really go out of style, but you would also do well with Ecco, FUBU, and if you a e really strapped for cash, Champion.

For slacks, jeans are always an option, especially jeans shorts, but there is a great debate over whether to wear men's jeans or women's jeans, and it usually comes down to the fit. Women's and girls jeans are a little too close for a lot of bois, and it's often easier to get their look in something baggy.

Another great option for slacks is drop crotch sweats. Once reserved for high fashion, drop crotch sweats are now serious street wear for boos all over, especially in the city scenes where a lot of culture gets started.

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  1. If you have any observation, question or concerns feel free to comment.

    Also if you're switching to spring clothes, what are you wearing?