Friday, April 17, 2015

Boi Fashion in The Homestretch

There isn't a lot of depiction of bois in the standard media, but if you look around you can still find a few figures on the fringe. The independent film project "The Homestretch" is a documentary focused on sharing the stories of homeless youth navigating their way through life and trying to improve themselves and their situations.

One of the key figures in this documentary is Kasey, a young LGBT woman who was forced to grow up a lot faster than most when her parents forced her into the streets because of her sexual orientation. Throughout the film, she wears gender-bending gear, starting out in shorts and a tee shirt, and moving onto sagging jeans and polos, sweaters, and eventually a men's style coat and large studs in her ears.

In case you are interested in exploring the concept of homeless LGBT youth further, you can catch the film for free on PBS's home page for a few weeks but even if you don't feel like learning too much, you should check out her look.

This lady has got it put together.

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